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Int. Bugatti Meeting Germany 2021, 27 September – 03 Oktober

Prologue „Crossing the Alpes“ 24 – 26 of September

Dear Bugattist,

more than one incredibly eventful year is already behind us and yet we still have the feeling of stepping on the spot and not really making any progress. The world, our life as we knew it, has gone off the rails. The virus, which does not stop at any borders, means for each of us a hitherto unfelt insecurity and fear – the fear of what may happen to us personally, to our family, to our friends and their family.

Certainly none of us has ever experienced such a crisis, and we in the Bugatti community will only be able to overcome it all together and then go back into a positive future with renewed strength.

However, it is also a reality that nothing can be properly assessed, that it is difficult to make binding plans. And yet we would like to invite you to the “International Bugatti Meeting Germany 2021”. We can assure you that we will continue to work hard and with dedication to ensure that the international community of Bugatti enthusiasts will be able to welcome you in Bavaria in September next year as planned.

For our meeting we would like to give you the following initial information.

We will be able to enjoy an impressive landscape around the Chiemsee, the largest lake in Bavaria, also known as the “Bavarian Sea”. We don’t want to reveal too much yet – except that we will undertake our tours over five days against the beautiful mountain backdrop of the Bavarian Alps and our neighbouring country Austria with its regions Tyrol and Salzburg – original, rustic, idyllic and with breathtaking views. The ideal starting point is our hotel “Gut Ising” in Chieming.

The Bugatti will be housed in supervised pavilions inside the hotel car park.

The daily tours will be accompanied by an experienced, dedicated organisation team, which has already been in action at international Bugatti meetings in the past.

Breaks during the tours are planned in such a way that, in addition to the pleasure of driving, the opportunity for communication and enjoyment in a sociable, relaxed atmosphere is not missed out.

The route profiles on our daily rides are very different. The spectrum ranges from flat, hilly to high alpine terrain. All in all, the choice of routes is designed in such a way that we avoid busy roads wherever possible, to ensure a relaxed driving experience.

It should be noted that mountain driving is much more demanding on the driver and vehicle than driving on flat or hilly terrain.

Not everywhere in the mountains are the roads wide enough for two vehicles. Then you have to drive slowly and carefully. Particular attention must be paid to unlit and narrow tunnel passages. On mountainous sections, the person driving downhill should look for an alternative route and let oncoming traffic pass by. They often have a better overview and can start up again more easily.

Please note that it can already be cold in the high mountains in autumn: Think of warm, weatherproof clothing.

Furthermore, it is compulsory to carry a high-visibility waistcoat in Austria. Any violation of this regulation can be punished with a heavy fine. We recommend that each passenger carries a safety waistcoat.


Very important!

Not only for the participants in the prologue “Crossing the Alpes”, but especially here, there are high demands on the technical condition of the vehicles. Apart from general reliability, well-functioning brakes and lighting are indispensable. Considerable climbs and descents and tunnel passages are part of the routes to be driven.

The prologue “Crossing the Alpes” is certainly a special experience and at the same time a challenge. Due to the special characteristics of the tracks, this offer is primarily aimed at participants with Grand Prix and Grand Sport Bugatti . The number of participants is also limited to about 20 teams in order to ensure a family experience.

The prologue takes us, among other things, along the “Grossglockner High Alpine Road”, probably the most spectacular alpine road in Europe. On the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, numerous three-thousand-metre peaks open up to amazement, but the biggest of all is the Grossglockner. At 3,798 metres, this striking mountain towers above the entire region and is also the highest peak in the Alpine Republic. The 48 km long pass road with 36 hairpin bends leads deep into the centre of the Hohe Tauern National Park, the largest national park in Austria, whose 1,800 km² area covers the provinces of Salzburg, Tyrol and Carinthia. The highest point of this mountain road is the Edelweiss Peak, which lies at just over 2,500 m. Our tour also takes us up to this height.

An overnight stay in the national park is planned. For this purpose, the required luggage transfer will be organised.

With the attached form you can make your registration online. We will keep you informed about further news and interesting facts about the International Bugatti Meeting Germany 2021 on this website. We will also be happy to answer any questions you may have personally.

Until then we wish you, your family and friends courage and confidence – and above all health.

Vive la marque!


Eberhard Grether                Heinz Elfers
President                               Secretary